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Homepage | Add coin | Advertise | Referral Program | Faucet | Contact is a new directory of memecoins (also called: altcoins or shitcoins). You will find here basic information about meme tokens and cryptocurrencies presented in a (hopefully) neat way. We are trying to make the data presented on this website as accurate as possible, however please do your own research before buying any coin.

Investing in memecoins can be one of the most entertaining ways of losing your money. Have fun!

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0xb9c002cc2c572b1f570696a238d4e1ffc6fd5a7d, 0x7f27cdf86d9c977262403198308db74c16b8519f, 0x2bf2141ed175f3236903cf07de33d7324871802d, 0xf7fdfb8454e900294ddbe06e84821f8b787217cd, 0xb5c4089ba587f57b648f8394c03f52d876fb8c07, 0x1f7be1392cfa433015708541805f771af7fcf0a2, 0xbc6246f22f5d6a883e5accb69016655e1744393c, 0x78132543d8e20d2417d8a07d9ae199d458a0d581, 0x063e0c632f946f20303ed69a679318012fb729aa, 0x56a8870768260180faf146d91e332643326b1b13, 0x39c3f75b837eae0d6d0ea87425ac99bd646a7b1e, 0x07f507c60578cebe4a39396fb92dabee7b7bf104, 0x251ae7b42f19cf9d5b70a6ce4234c243ace34a72, 0x62ef3c23ff6a8b154522433257d08b9184ac3241, 0x284fff54050d45525e991ad95d3a1d3fa85dd411, 0x077521b065eb2320b1927866d26c882ff223bfe4, 0x83b6b0f7025927d8e7433a1025fa75e0d49b536a, 0x714e63a4820a41b24add7fa7812dd8e4aadeb258, 0x328ff899f565c90f2c667a3ff1b5bd78f515c325, 0x3a53c962adaa6d51dbd78a2eb0ccddd616243da5, 0x7cd05db9fd7b2fd0d4419f75b7487289e4a7c8f0, 0xa0b73e1ff0b80914ab6fe0444e65848c4c34450b, 0x57b798d2252557f13a9148a075a72816f2707356, 0xbb0e17ef65f82ab018d8edd776e8dd940327b28b.