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Shinomics (Shin)

Token contract address:0x84bbad0fe2770790f2b587196c6ecb270e776647 [E]
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Name / Symbol:Shinomics / Shin
Creation date:2021-11-08 (22d ago)
Website / Alexa [W] / 1691033 [A]
Search:[G] [Bi] [Ba] [D] [Y]
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ShinjuInu (SHIN)
contract: 0x926d917cc7d6c2ceeea6d31891a32e7292e3dad4
BSC-173d00 [E]
ShinjuInu (SHIN)
contract: 0x25cf5a84081ea18ae22a6cd036ab7e16390c3430
BSC-179d00 [E]


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